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II. Choose the correct ending of the following sentences: (2 частина тести)
It, Іf
1. It looked like it could have been a wedding invitation (……..)
Б) or an engagement announcement.

2. It was definitely not the type of card (…….)
c) one would buy in a package of twenty at Woolworth's.

.3. It was an interesting (……)
c) conversation in the men's room or at the water cooler.

4. It was less than a week before Christmas and things at the office (……)
a) were getting crazy.

5.It was the only card (……)
a) I had gotten.

6. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy seeing him; I just didn't think the visits (……)
c) were accomplishing anything.

7.It still jolted me to see my father, the man (……)
c) who had always seemed indestructible to me, in such a weak, vulnerable condition.

8. If I were you, I'd just (……)
c) forget about it.

Then what's the big deal? Why don't you (……)
a) just went there?\"

Then, one night when there was nothing interesting on t.v., (……)
b) I started staring at the Christmas card, which I had displayed on my kitchen table.

Then I started thinking about last Christmas,
c) when things had been so different.

Then I thought about college, the people in my dorm, the classes I (……)
b) had taken, but Jennifer and Paul fit in nowhere.

Then he looked away at the television set, (……)
a) which wasn't even on.
That night, it was Friday, (……)
a) I had trouble falling asleep.

That entire week, I didn't get out of work until eight o'clock, and (……)
b) by the time I got back to my studio apartment, I didn't have the strength to do anything except stretch out on the couch, watch movies and eat Chinese food.
He had become (……)
a) more and more despondent.

He couldn't, or wouldn't, speak, so I usually would sit by his bed for a half-hour or so and talk about the weather or things (……)
c) that were going on at the office, and then I'd go home.

. He never seemed to mind (……)
b) when I left.

I started (……)
a) telling him about the Christmas card.

I told him how the card had arrived in my mailbox and (……)
b) how I had no idea who Jennifer and Paul were.

I wondered which dad I would remember after he was dead, (……)
a) when the bed pan was also a memory.

I sat down (……)
a) next to him.

I took a New Jersey Transit train (……)
a) to get from Penn Station to New Brunswick.

I lay in bed, replaying each year of my life, trying to figure out (……)
c) how I knew \"Jennifer\" or \"Paul.\"

. I tried to remember every kid in Wayne, New Jersey, (……)
a) from high school through kindergarten.

I even thought (……)
a) about all my extra-curricular activities, boy scouts, little league, day camp.
b) about all my inter-curricular activities, boy scouts, little league, day camp.
c) about all my intra-curricular activities, boy scouts, little league, day camp.

. I mean I was on the East Side anyway the other day (……)
a) so I have passed by a doorman building.

I was going to ask the guy to ring them,
b) but I was too embarrassed.

I have a second cousin Paul who (……)
a) lives in San Francisco, but he's married to a woman named Simone.

At, As, After, Although
At one point, he turned toward me, opening his sagging mouth, (……)
a) as if he were about to offer some suggestion.

. As usual, he stared at me vacantly for a few seconds, (……)
c) as if his mind were trying to unravel some complicated problem.

After the stroke, (……)
a) I visited my father at the hospital practically every day.

Although I still had a few friends from high school and college, (……)
c) I rarely saw them anymore.

The….. This….. There's….. When
The doctors thought he had suffered a series of \"minor strokes\", as if a stroke (……)
c) could be minor, and sometimes I wondered whether he even recognized me.

The next week, (……)
a) I will discuss the card with almost everyone at work.

This card was sent from Manhattan, a Third Avenue address. \"You mean there (……)
a) was a return address on the card?\" Larry said.

There's probably another Doug Holt in Manhattan and Jennifer and Paul (……...)
b) must have gotten your name out of the phone book and confused you with this other guy.

When I arrived in his room that day, (……)
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